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Pick a lottery and choose your numbers, join Group Play or Combo Play

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Group play

Group play gives you a chance to play your lucky numbers for a lower cost.

Instead of paying the regular amount, you buy a share of the ticket – so you only pay a part of the price! This way, you purchase more tickets for less and increase your chances of winning.

Join the group

Buy your ticket share – or buy shares of many tickets


Share your investment with others to make more bets for the price of one ticket


Enjoy the winnings from the shares of tickets you’ve purchased!

About us

Lotto Fun presents you with the ultimate lottery experience, providing you with a number of lotteries to be played at once.

We strive for the best possible customer service and most user-friendly system, all to make your game as enjoyable as possible. Our players can choose from a wide range of tickets purchase methods, that is, single tickets, multidraws, Combo Deals and Group Play, all of which offering various benefits making the lottery experience even more exciting and profitable. It is also worth mentioning that all tickets bought through our platform are insured!

VIP Multimillionaires' Club

VIP Multimillionaires' Club
The perfect deal – get returns regardless of draw results!
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Nadie L.

"Great website, really clear and easy to use. I've played with you for about 7 weeks now and am really happy with. A surplus of money is good as well, especially by the end of the month. So thanks, keep it up!"

Kay M.

"I really enjoy those group tickets you sell – I can play many more numbers thanks to that, and I win on a regular basis. These are small amounts usually, but sometimes bam, I get a few hundred! And a few hundred extra once a month sure won't hurt ;)"

Sven M.

"I am very happy with LottoFun website, mostly due to the group play option. You buy tickets with other people for a lower price. Thanks to this feature I'm regularly winning smaller amounts and I'm very happy about it. That's what it's all about, isn't it?"


"Where I'm from the lotteries are so much worse than those you have here. The prizes are way smaller, and honestly, there is only one big national lottery. Being able to play Megamillions, Powerball and other is just great!"

Natasha M.

"Won-der-ful customer support. I know I can be a pain in the back sometimes, I keep forgetting my password, and technology simply doesn't stop amusing me, even though your website is super simple. My point being, great website, 10/10."

Steven H.

"5k from Europe, nearly 7k from the USA, and 2k from South America. Now that's what I call a darn good week! And I'm not even from any of those places, hahaha. Lucky me - don't hate the player, hate the game! Or love the game in this case!"

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